Summer School – Call for proposals «Political Constructions of Europe. New Historical and Sociological Approaches»

Date: June 27th – 30th 2016

The second edition of the Summer school will bring together senior scholars, postdoctoral students, and Ph.D candidates for an intensive four-day exchange on new historical and sociological approaches to European Studies. The school will be held in the extraordinary setting of the Moulin d’Andée located on the banks of the Seine in Normandy, one hour outside of Paris. It will be a unique opportunity for in-depth empirical, methodological and conceptual discussions on the study of the European Union and an occasion to strengthen and broaden existing European networks of scholars.

Pursuing the initial exchanges of 2015, this year’s edition will take stock of the recent evolutions in the field of EU studies and will sketch out a shared research agenda. Until quite recently, work in history, political science and sociology developed quite independently, but recently the disciplinary boundaries have softened and shifted. A number of political scientists developed approaches inspired by political sociology and socio-historical perspectives ; simultaneously, a new historiography of European integration has emerged with a generation of historians from Germany, Denmark, France and elsewhere, who developed and explored more sociological perspectives and methods (transnational networks, field theory, etc…). These historians have called for closer collaboration between the disciplines as a way to renew the field of EU studies and study the blind spots of existing paradigms. Sociology had until recently remained on the sidelines, but recent research on professions and configurations of elites in their relationship to the “European project” have provided new avenues for closer cooperation with political sociology and history.

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Project Coordinators:

  • Didier Georgakakis, University Paris 1-Cessp
  • Jay Rowell, CNRS, University of Strasbourg-Sage
  • Antoine Vauchez, CNRS, University of Paris 1-Cessp

Project supported by:

  • Centre européen de sociologie et science politique, Université Paris 1-Sorbonne-EHESS
  • European School of European Studies, University of Strasbourg
  • TEPSIS Laboratory of Excellence

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